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My name is Izzy Ullmann, and I am a ┬áPeace and Conflict Studies Major at UC Berkeley, focusing on Politics, Conflict, and Migration. Ever since attending Not For Sale’s Global Forum on human trafficking in November of 2012, I have developed a great anger about the complicated, intertwined, infuriating issue of modern day slavery, and have committed to fighting against it.

I am currently teaching a class on human trafficking with the YWCA’s anti-trafficking leadership program. I have worked with Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors, Alameda County HEAT Watch, Contra Costa DA, San Francisco Coalition Against Human Trafficking, Not for Sale, and Love Never Fails to combat human trafficking. Most recently, I worked in Malaysia with Asylum Access, supporting refugees and researching issues of trafficking among Rohingya refugee populations. I believe that one day, we can live in a society in which each person is free. I believe that we can eradicate slavery in our lifetime. Let’s get to work.




3 thoughts on “Contact me

  1. Hey Izzy,
    You have picked a noble cause. I agree that slavery is a horrible thing, especially the traffic of slaves for sex trade. I also believe in raising awareness about these types of things happening around the world in an effort to empower people to protect themselves, their families, and hopefully put themselves in a position to help someone out of such a horrible predicament.
    However, I have one question for you and I hope that it doesn’t come off as antagonistic. It has to do with anti-trafficking legislation. Do you honestly think that a system that remains in existence from the profits of slavery would ever enforce legislation against slavery? Yes, I am saying that the existence of the United States Government relies heavily on forced labor and slavery of its citizens and appropriates their revenue from forced taxes and fines that stand in opposition to any claim of actual “freedom” (for example, it is a very difficult task to travel across the United States in my car, which is my personal possession, without a “drivers license”; to do so puts me at risk of large fines and possible imprisonment. How is this scenario possible if I am not a slave?)

    Cheers! and good luck in all your endeavors,

  2. Dear Izzy –
    I’m grateful for your new messages and to know your current endeavors. Carry on, and know that you have my support and prayers.
    Sr. Claudia

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