A Red X to Mark the Spot

Do you remember last year when everyone had red X’s painted on their hands? It was all over Tumblr and Twitter and Facebook. It was all over school. Those red Xs made a statement. They said: I know slavery still exists and I vow to try to stop it. This campaign was kickstarted by the END IT Movement, a coalition of anti-trafficking organization who have come together to shove human trafficking into the public’s face, calling attention to this vicious crime.

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We’re in a fight. And it’s raging all around us.

Shine a Light on Slavery Day is coming up. On February 27th, join Freedom Fighters around the world in drawing a red X on your hand, and to anyone who asks why, tell them you are wearing it in solidarity with those grasped by the chains of slavery. Tell them it stands for NO MORE! Tell them you are fighting a monstrosity and invite them to join you. I challenge you to tell them any one of these facts:

  • 27 million people are still enslaved around the world.
  • Human trafficking is a $32 billion industry.
  • The average age of sex trafficking is 12-13 years of age.
  • Sex trafficking victims may be sold up to 50 times a night.
  • The Bay Area has one of the worst human trafficking problems in the country.
  • The average age of a slave is $90. That is less than an iPhone (whereas during historical slave trade, slaves were worth today’s equivalent of $40,000).
Human Trafficking by the Numbers

Human Trafficking by the Numbers

Draw a RED X on your hand. Snap a pic. Share it using #ENDITMOVEMENT. Let’s make FREEDOM go viral.