Right Here, Right Now


An amazing documentary on human trafficking made by Alexa Nazarian, a fellow student of mine at Notre Dame High School, intended for young audiences, but really applicable to anyone.


The Seemingly Unexpected Survivor

When we think about human trafficking, our minds jump to people in the ghetto. We think of poor children in Africa and Cambodia. We think about overly sexualized women in the Red Light District of Amsterdam. We think about the kids sitting in the back of the room, with bruises and welts, who are failing out of their classes.

But we don’t think of San Jose natives. We don’t think of that girl who’s at the top of her high school class. We don’t think of the qualified student, going on to UC Berkeley. We don’t think of fathers selling their only child for sex. We don’t think of mothers taking photos of their daughter for advertising.

When we think about human trafficking, we don’t think about girls like Minh Dang. But she had to think about human trafficking her entire life.